• Reading Poker Tells

    “Reading Poker Tells” Book Review

    Reading Poker Tells by Zachary Elwood helps poker players of all skill levels by teaching them how to interpret and exploit the nonverbal behaviors of their opponents. It focuses on basic body language and facial expressions in specific scenarios, explaining how to spot tells such as eye movements, posture, speech patterns, and betting patterns. For […]

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  • The Poker Mindset

    “The Poker Mindset” Book Review

    Unlike other poker books that explore the mechanics of playing poker, The Poker Mindset deconstructs the mental process required to succeed at the game. It delves into the emotional aspects of remaining focused throughout individual hands, individual sessions, and ultimately one’s entire poker career. The overarching concepts covered by The Poker Mindset may at first […]

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  • Learn from Failure

    A Humbling Year: Reevaluating My Poker Goals and Progress

    As we enter 2023, I’ve been doing some self-reflection on my poker goals, progress, and overall approach to the game that we all know and love. In short, 2022 was a humbling year for me, and I would like to share my thoughts and experiences. When I returned to poker in 2021, the skills I […]

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  • Down Zig-Zag Arrow

    The Strategy Behind the Down Bet

    Since the inception of poker, winning strategies have continued to evolve. And, since its heightened popularity as a result of the online poker boom in the early 2000’s, that evolution has accelerated drastically. One adaptation that has come from this evolution of poker is the down bet.

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  • Bluffing with the Best Hand

    Bluffing with the Best Hand

    When facing opponents at the poker table, we’re often placed in the position of trying to determine whether an opponent is bluffing or is holding a legitimate hand. If we can place them on a legitimate hand, then our decision comes down to simple math: are we getting the right odds to try to improve […]

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  • Bullseye

    Reaching My $25,000 Poker Bankroll Goal

    Back in December 2021, I hit my $10,000 bankroll goal, and going into 2022, I set a new bankroll goal of $25,000 for the year. As of April 20th, less than four full months into the year, I’ve achieved that goal!

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  • Poker Bankroll

    How Can I Build My Poker Bankroll?

    Welcome to the first “Ask Huggie” column! I’ve had some viewers of my poker vlog reach out to me with questions, and while I’m still a learning poker player myself, I’m happy to discuss strategy, think through hands, and see what ideas resonate.

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